Home Heating Myths

Home heating costs a lot every year. Many homeowners try different methods to bring down energy consumption so they can lower energy bills somehow. However, most of these methods and tips don’t work as most of them are nothing more than myths.

These myths have been debunked over and over again by experts. It’s time you recognize these myths and stop following them! You might be spending more energy just by following these tips. So just by avoiding these myths, you will be able to actually lower your energy bills. Here are these home heating myths, debunked for you.

Cranking The Thermostat

If you are one of those misinformed homeowners who thinks cranking the thermostat will actually make it heat your home faster, you need to study some science. When you set your home's thermostat to the maximum, it will warm your home to temperatures that you don’t want. You’d probably want to run out of your house at best and come back later when the home has cooled down a little. By doing this, you are only wasting energy. It’s a myth that doesn’t save you energy. It only wastes more energy and raises your energy bills.

Using A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are a true marvel of modern heating/cooling technology. They are convenient to use and they are extremely efficient. You can actually save energy using these thermostats. However, there is a problem. If you use them incorrectly, these thermostats can actually increase heating costs.

There could be various situations when this thermostat will end up paying higher energy bills in the long-term. For example, if you program the thermostat to start heating before you wake up so that you get up to a perfectly warm home, you will end up paying higher energy bills. The thermostat will make the furnace produce more heat to meet its set temperature in time. energy costs.

Setting A Constant Temperature

If you are using a furnace to heat your home, you should never set a constant temperature and leave the furnace on when leaving your home. You may think that it will keep your home warm and when you return you can lower the temperature and save energy. It’s a myth as it won’t save you any energy.

The best way to save energy is to lower the temperature at night and raise temperature when at home during the day. When you are going away for a while, leave the thermostat on but lower the temperature. It will save you energy.

Replacing Windows With Energy-Efficient Windows

Many people spend a lot of money to replace their existing windows with energy-efficient windows. The name (energy efficient windows) itself tells you that it save energy but it’s not always as cost-effective as maintaining your furnace, insulating your windows, or sealing leaks in your home.

These windows cost a lot and they don’t really save energy as such if your objective is to lower energy required for heating your home.