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We're heating and air conditioning experts that happily serve the Mercer County, New Jersey area. From small jobs to big jobs and residential to commercial, we can do it all.

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We fix every heat and AC issue in Mercer County!

Whether you want to replace that faulty thermostat, get yearly boiler maintence, refresh your AC system, have a new boiler installed, or need air handler service, we can do it all! We have well-stocked trucks with thousands of parts, plus a wide range of experience across a wide array of residential and commercial systems. This means that we can have your heating or air conditioning system up and running as soon as possible. Quit waiting and call Mercer Heating and Cooling!

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We know what it's like when it's 20 degrees outside and your furnace has stopped working. You'll be checking the clock, taking stock of your warm garments, and thinking about a hotel. When the AC goes out in the middle of August, you'll probably just wonder how long you have left to live! But we'll show up on time and prepared to get your life back to working order.

Get Affordable Pricing

We both want the same thing: a complete, functional, and clean repair, installation, or service that leaves you with happy thoughts. We deliver installs that are safe for you and your loved ones, or for your emplyees and business. We do all this at a price that is affordable.

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At best, heating and AC problems cause you some discomfort. At worst, they can be dangerous to you or your loved ones, damage your home, and cost your business money. When you need us, we'll be there.

We take on any job that blows, heats, cools, and filters air. If you're not sure if we'll take your job, give us a call!

Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Service

We know that you need safe, efficient, cost-effective, and reliable air conditioning and heating systems for your home. We can help you safely fix your older systems, upgrade to newer systems, improve your home's air quality, and make assessments to inform you of ways to save on ongoing costs of running your HVAC systems. Sometimes you need a little inspection and some tweaks to your system; sometimes you need a major overhaul. Call us to help you make cost-effective, good choices.

Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Ideally your business would run like a Swiss watch, but that all goes out the window when your commercial heating or AC breaks. Your staff will never be more unproductive than when they are too hot or too cold! But we have the solution! We save you money by adjusting inefficient systems and fixing faulty ones. We'll have you up and running at a price point that can't be beat, and with our 24 hour service, we'll do it whenever you need us.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our business is all about YOU. We're in business because of our loyal customers. We have loyal customers because of our dedication to trust, communication, and customer satisfaction. You don't become a leader without those three things!

We strive to deliver the fastest, easiest, safest, and most reliable service, installations, repairs and maintenance in for heat and air conditioning repair in Mercer County and the surrounding areas.